Saturday, April 28, 2012

Washi Tape

a.k.a. Japanese Masking Tape. 

My current of this post.  LOL.

I saw some cool flags in a Studio Calico I...ahem...counterfeited...I mean...made my own.  

Washi Tape Flags

Cute tins from Mish Wooderson's Esty shop keeps the flags and out of the way.

All ya need is toothpicks, solid color washi tape and if you want, wordy washi tape.  LOL

The supplies.

I plan to use them in my PL album.  See that blue folder...that's where I keep my PL memorabilia.  It's kind of fat right I' than a couple weeks behind.  BUT...I'm most definitely having fun catching up after a three & a half month hiatus.  Tax Season anyone? 

I'll be sharing more washi tape projects and some project life inserts / journaling cards / layouts.

Do you have any washi tape?  I purchased the solid colors at Target.  Each solid color has coordinating prints - big polka dots, stripes and little polka dots!  Good price too!  Four rolls for four dollars!  Can't beat that for washi tape...and it's pretty good stuff.  A couple rolls are K & Company SMASH tape...the rest I purchased from Freckled Fawn, an Esty shop that specializes in washi tape.  If you have washi tape, where do you get yours?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a moo'valous day!


  1. Cute project idea.

    No washi tape for plans to purchase any either. I remember years ago (probably 1976) when I bought fun tape for wrapping said Happy Birthday and was so "cool" to use on solid wrapping paper!

    Those were the days my friends...

  2. Lovely post! My washi tape came from Target thanks to your enabling! ;) I'm behind on PL too and really looking forward to catching up. Another cruise for that maybe? :)

  3. I also found tape at Archiver's!! And, of course, I have some SMASH tape! Anxious to get some SMASH pages done too.

  4. I love all your washi tape!!!!