Friday, October 13, 2017

National Farm Day 2017

So, yesterday was National Farm Day 2017.  How about a page featuring one of my favorite farmers?  

I created this page (flipping over page)...hmmm...I didn't sign and date this one.  I pulled this out because I had a friend with a question - what colors go with yellow and white other than black?  Anything, I said.  Green, for sure!   What about teal? she asked.  Yep, I said remembering this page.

These photos were taken back in May 2009, when I was 40.  Wow.  Oh, wait.  I was 39, gonna TURN 40 in five months time.  But I digress.  When I still raised my cattle.  We had moved 2 bulls to Dad's.  One was named SAW - Stow A Way - which I gave to him.  Pretty sure the other was Chief - which I let him borrow.  

The flowers make this a dimensional page.  They were created with a scallop circle punch.  Snip and fold the scallops and pop on a smaller punched circle with a pop dot.  Title was created using Tidy Alpha, an older alpha set from Stampin Up that remains to this day one of my favorites.  The large circle is cut from sparkly designer paper - don't tell Dad I put photos of him on sparkly daisy designer paper.  LOL.  A cluster of photos with varying poses - three similar and one different - creates an impact.

Farming is a hard life.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I grew up on a first generation working dairy farm.  So many stories and so many cool things to witness and experience.  But, truth is I didn't do much farming myself as I was growing up - I bottle fed calves and had to pull tobacco plants and had to strip tobacco tips.  The only good one was bottle feeding calves and I did enjoy the occasional ride on the tobacco setter!  LOL.  So, when I took an interest in raising cattle, Dad was quite excited.  He gave me four calves (two heifers and two bulls, a pair at a time) to start my adventure.  And from that point forward, until he closed the dairy, I purchased his first born calves to bottle feed and raise.  He milked Holstein and bred the heifers to a Black Angus bull for their first calf.  They made a great beef cattle herd that I bred to full stock Black Angus bulls.  I named them and raised them; eventually had a herd of eight cows plus steers and calves and a bull or two.  Now I have chickens.  And Dale has his cattle.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

DTGD17 - MSM's Minion Fun

Back in August, Splitcoaststampers held a Fan Club event called Dare To Get Dirty.  This is a annual event held for Fan Club members, with challenges thrown out by the current and past Dirty Dozen.  The Dirty Dozen is a rotating 12 member creative team for SCS.  The challenge details are secret - you have to be a Fan Club Member to know the detail - but we can share our projects.  

There are anywhere from 40 - 50 challenges over a 7 day period.  Queen status is obtained by completing every project by the deadline and uploading to the proper SCS gallery.  The deadline is just a few days after the event ends.   To make Queen status, a participant must complete one project for each challenge.  I call it the "iron man of papercrafting".  

So, each year I participate.  Each year, I make Queen status.  Not this year.  It was a "people over paper year".  And I'm totally OK with that.  

Ah, those cute Minions.  One night Phillip is playing around with photo filters on his iPhone and says, hey mom!  We also like to "talk to Siri" - this has resulted in tons of laughter.  But I digress.  This time it was photo filters.  

In creating this page, I mixed and matched products from my stash.  I really do like the look of navy as a neutral.  It's always fun to revisit old favorites - the Tasteful Trim die (the scallop strip), the Target washi tape (the hot pink striped strip), the silver sequins, the puffy pink hearts and the triangle punch.   And those navy letters!

It's not just the big things that make life grand, it's those random moments that warm the heart.  It's not just what the photo shows, but it's the story behind the photo and all the thoughts and feelings it creates in your heart.  Yes, this is a photo of me, taken by my son, with a fun filter - that's a great photo.  It's also a remind of those small random moments of happiness where we just share and laugh.  Those are the moments that warm the heart and make life grand. 

On another note, today marks the day Phillip starts a new journey in his life.  I wish him all the best as he embarks on a new adventure.  Love that kid! 

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

VSBN September 2017 - Thanks

As I wrap up the VSBN September 2017 project parade, how fitting that THANKS is the focus for the final challenge.  I seriously could not have planned this better.  LOL.  I totally had these in a different order and posted them in whatever order I felt inspired to on the particular weekend.  And THANKS just happened to fall to the end.  Not because I don't give THANKS, but because I say THANKS for having me as your hostess for VSBN September 2017.  I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing, chatting and looking at your pages.  The enthusiasm and encouragement from the participants was a great inspiration to me and I hope the challenges were a great inspiration to you.

When we think of giving thanks, we typically think of Thanksgiving.  However, we can (and should) give thanks year round.  I'm less intentional about this throughout the year than I am when I'm doing the project "30 Days of Thanks".  But the challenge is not a focus on being intentional (although you can).  Focus on those things you might take for granted - things you would miss if you didn't have them - things you enjoy doing with someone.  This could encompass a large variety of topics.  As you look through your photos, don't look at the event itself - consider how thankful you feel and choose your topic accordingly.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.

I - Thanks.  The challenge is to scrap someone / something for which you are thankful.  Alternatively, you may scrap Thanksgiving photos.  Provide some movement around your page and some focus to your photo by journaling around your photo!  Don't fret about getting the journaling perfect - write it out on scrap paper, fake it out around the photo and fill in blank spaces with arrows and doodling.  You can do this!

My first sample is a large selfie of me & my mom at Lincoln Days (2016), a local festival celebrated in my and Abraham Lincoln's hometown!  While my page focuses on fun times and the journaling states facts, I read those facts and feel immensely grateful for the opportunity to spend this time with Mom.  It's something we look forward to and has become a tradition - although we didn't make the festival together this year.  It's also one of those instances where the journaling puts photos in my mind.  

My second sample features a smaller photo with a large title and a quote.  Journaling surrounds the photo on two sides - with the large title to the top and the smaller quote to the right.  This lady came into my life when Dale & I first started as Cub Scout leaders.   And she has styled, cut and colored my hair ever since.  She's good - I just sit down and she works her magic.  She took this photo one day after she had worked her magic and we were waiting on the toe nail paint to dry!  

There are so many things in my life for which I am grateful.  Today is my 48th birthday.  I am so thankful for a husband that I love bunches and that loves me so and celebrates with me all the big and little things.  I am thankful for a son that I love bunches and gives me gray hair that my friend has to color.  LOL.   Kids.  But I sure do love him.  

When you feel grumpy, think of something for which you are thankful.  It might take a little bit, because you are grumpy, right?  But even the smallest thing, will let in that ray of sunshine and warm your heart.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day.

Monday, October 9, 2017

VSBN September 2017 - Dress Up

We all dress up in the fall - whether it's for Halloween or nice clothes for the family holiday get together.  Or maybe just because.  My family & I do all three.

H - Dress Up.  The challenge is to scrap "dressing up" photos.  They can be a Halloween costume or wearing your "Sunday Best".  The subject of the photo must be YOU.  In addition, "dress up" the page with sparkle - glitter, sequins, foil or metallics (gold / silver / bronze). 

Way back in 2005, when Phillip was in Cub Scouts, Dale & I were Cub Scout leaders.   This is a photo from the first annual Halloween Bash - a costumed party, complete with a hay ride, a haunted house, games, food and camping.  This photo was taken by a parent, from a distance, which is why it is a little dark.   It is the only picture I have of me in this costume.  This was a "store-bought" costume with my own modifications to suit.   

The background paper is custom made.  The bottom panel features a painted background with painted stars using a custom made stencil.   The top is plain red cardstock with brushed gold cardstock stripes.  The stickers are old - from Creative Imaginations.  Boy, they made awesome stickers - this is the same company that made the John Deere stickers I love so well and have so few left.  

I was pleased to have a chance to play with the Wonder Woman stickers.  Now that I think of it, I do have another photo of me in this costume, but it is not full length.  

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

VSBN September 2017 - Labor Day

What does Labor Day mean to you?  How do you celebrate Labor Day?  For some, it's summer's last hooray.  When I was growing up, we went to the lake for swimming and a picnic.  In my early 20's, it was the last of the summer boating season on the lake.  Today, it's the day my husband says I can get out the Halloween decorations!  I don't actually decorate on Labor Day, but that holiday marks the starting point of when I CAN decorate for Halloween.  I usually do it the following weekend.  With that in mind...

G - Labor Day.  The challenge is to scrap what Labor Day means to you.  I could be how you celebrate Labor Day.  Cookout, swimming, decorating, reading, napping, working - whatever you do to celebrate Labor Day.  And put away your whites, you cannot use white on your layout.

And not a stitch of white.  OK.  The labels have white letters.   

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

VSBN September 2017 - Back to School

Back to school - nothing screams fall like back to school time.  School supplies.  New clothes.  This was my favorite time of the year.  Mom would take us to Roses for back to school clothes.  This was before the time of the Towne Mall, which was built around 1986, and all the clothing stores that now populate the city.  It's been quite a few years since I have shopped at Roses, but back then, they had quality clothing.  We would try on the new fall fashions and put them on layaway.  It was still a tad early (warm) to be wearing fall clothes when school actually started.  We purchased school supplies at TG&Y, which was our "Wal-mart" without the grocery section in those days.  Every year, I always got a new themed metal lunchbox, with a thermos, and a book bag.  Little House on the Prairie.  Wonder Woman.  SuperFriends.   Those are just a few that come to mind.

I'm no longer in school and my kiddo graduated from high school a few years back.  So, a twist is in order - let's not take this theme so literally.  

F - Back to School.  We learn something new every day.  The challenge is to scrap something educational or demonstrate / share something learned in a paper crafting class (a tip or a technique).  Alternatively, back to school photos could be scrapped.

My page focuses on the GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE.  Included on the page is a demonstration of how the moon eclipsed the sun from OUR point of view using punched circles.  While the sun / moon pairing actually moved in an upward diagonal across the sky, I chose to show this in a soft arrow that provides movement around the page.  This page will function as a title page for a series of pages (maybe four) about that day.  The idea for this page was developed during the many breaks that were taken during the viewing of the eclipse.  I wanted to remember how the moon crossed the sun at 1 and exited at 9.  I had this page done very quickly that evening - in under an hour.

We had a lot of fun with the solar eclipse glasses and the pinhole viewer.   I did not take any photos of the eclipse itself, instead, choosing to enjoy the experience.  

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

VSBN September 2017 - Food

Food.  It's all about the food.  It's been said that we spend longer today than they did years ago in restaurants having dinner.  Maybe it wasn't said nicely.  Maybe they were complaining about the long table wait and someone piped up and said yeah, we have to wait longer for our tables.   Why though?  Because we have to take photos of our FOOD!  How about instead of keeping a written food diary, we keep a photographic food album.  Now, that's an idea.  

E - Food.  The challenge is to scrap fall food photos and then "rate your food" by using stars on your layout.  Lots of options here - foodie photos, photos of a spread of food (like yesterday's Halloween luncheon photos or the birthday cookout spread) or a recipe page (long overdue for me to create one of these!).  

So, what do we have...ah, yes.  The hogs.  Last October, they went to the butcher.   

I kept the pig ears and pig tails off all the hogs.  We took three hogs - one was ours - I asked everyone else if they wanted their pig ears and pig tail - my boss looked at me like I had two heads, but said no, you can have them - so, no one wanted their pig ears or pig tail.  LOL.  So, I decided to make treats for Spike and Penny.  It went OK.  I just didn't expect to b.a.k.e.  t.h.e.m.  f.o.r.  s.o.  l.o.n.g.  Seriously.  I wrote it down somewhere, because I have more pig ears and a pig tail to bake, but it was longer than they said on the recipe.   A whole lot longer.  But it was worth it.  Penny - she loved stuff like that - like Penny with a beef bone - she kept on until it was gone - all night long.  Pretty sure she thought Lincoln and Garfield would steal it.  LOL.  Loved that little dog.  Spike enjoyed his as well.  Pretty sure he inhaled it in one sniff.  LOL.  It was challenging to find the happy medium in size, as Penny was an American Cocker Spaniel and Spike is a Yellow Lab.  

We've eaten all our our pork burgers and pork sausage patties.  (sigh)  We still have a couple roasts (found a keeper BBQ pork recipe), pork chops and sausage logs.  And another set of ears and a tail, somewhere.  Dale mentioned it the other day.  Might call our butcher and see if he has some more pig ears and pig tails for me - that's too much work to do just one set.  And two sets is the most I can do at one time.  I'll make it a new fall traditions to bake pig ears & pig tails around pumpkin picking time.  Speaking of which, I still need to go get pumpkins.  GASP!

We're getting a trio of hogs next year.  Until then, the Pork Producers will have to satisfy my cravings for pork burgers and pork sausage patties.  AND, I'm putting more pork into burgers and sausage patties.  It's a learning process - make a list of your cuts and as you eat up your meat - modify your list.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day.