Friday, February 25, 2011

Repurposing for the Craft Room #1

I mentioned in this post, I needed a craft mat.  I wondered if a silicon baking mat would work.  I already had two I was not using.  The biggest decision was...use the big one or use the small one!  LOL  I took the small one. 



Seriously, after the Crytsal Effects has dried, it peels right off!  And Crystal Effects does not just "peel" off anything.  ;-)    It peeled off better than the darn cookies!  I reckon that's why I only used these mats for baking a few times.  By the way, I don't think the cookies were supposed to "peel" off...they were supposed to "slide" off.  Back to the Crystal Effects...flex the mat and the dried Crystal Effects will release from the surface.  Then a good washing in warm sudsy water.  I will not be using this in the kitchen again...I love it for the craft room!

But before I could even begin to USE the soon to be craft mat...I had to moo've THIS!

She was a really going at the face cleaning thing, too!  What a kitty kat!

What have you repurposed for use your craft room lately? 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a moo'valous day!


  1. What a mess you make using CE! Keep learning how to counterfeit because I'm learning lots from you...but is illegal to counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes...even if you have a color copier!

  2. Who'd have thought?! Way to go!!! :)

  3. You cat is so cute!! You are lucky that I don't live closer to you because she might go "missing"!!

    By the way, I saw somewhere that those silicon cookie sheets are also good for embossing mats for the cuttlebug/big shot/any other machine that takes them. You just cut them to fit in the machine. Great job on using it as a craft mat! I love repurposing things that I have that I don't use!

  4. I use a regular baking mat and it's large. The large craft mats are overpriced. This was nice and inexpensive and with a 40% off coupon was perfectly priced. I like the idea of the silicone mat too. Your cat is gorgeous! Why is it they always love to lay on the things we have to use - lol. One of my cats likes to eat paper. Not fussy about what kind of paper. Anything will do. Her favorite thing is when I'm changing the sheets.