Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dressing Up Counterfeited Buttons

A few days ago, I created faux buttons by counterfeiting.  Check out this post.

One of my readers left a comment about using Crystal Effects on faux buttons.  At the time, I had these little beauties drying.   

And I wondered WHY I purchased Circle Circus!   I was looking for stamp sets that had a circle motif.  And rediscovered these stamps!  That would be the larger Melon Manbo circles and the two left most matte buttons.  I think I like the Tangerine Tango buttons and the large Melon Mambo buttons best - where the images go to the edge and beyond.  If I'm going to choose a smaller image, I would probably leave them unfinished...I think the unfinished ones look like wooden buttons. 

This is my favorite!  So so pretty!  Glossy and shiny!  I love it!  Working with Crystal Effects is messy!  I dripped it on my work shirt...on my jeans...on my hands...good grief.  I did get most of it on the buttons, tho!  LOL  This was my first time working with something like this.  It was striking a balance between covering the top completely or getting it over the edge and the button stick to the paper yuckily.  I wonder what type of surface to set these on...I used Reynolds Wrap...but I wonder if waxed paper would work...something that's "easy release".  A rubber craft mat...I don't have.  A silicone baking sheet I do have.  Hmmmm....

You can see where I didn't get the Crystal Effects to the edge of the chipboard...depending on the project I use the buttons on...it'll be OK.

I really do like the Tangerine Tango buttons!    The stamped image is from SU! Charming.

My DS made these!  He wanted them left unfinished.  I think it makes them look like wooden buttons.  I even like the ink "overspill" on the buttons.  It would look really good on a very distressed piece.

Overall, I'm very happy with the faux buttons.  Definitely glad I counterfeited them!  ;-)  And I'm definitely embellishing more counterfeited buttons! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo-valous day!

SUPPLIES (all SU! unless stated otherwise)
Creation of the buttons themselves - see THIS post.
Embellishment supplies
Stamps:  Circle Circus, Charming
Ink: Tangerine Tango, Melon Mambo, Real Read, Chocolate Chip
Supplies & Accessories:  Crystal Effects