Monday, November 6, 2017

PL Week 43 (2017)

So, daylight savings time "ended" Sunday.  What did I do with my extra hour?  Sleep?  Yeah, boy.  My eyes popped open at what is now 3 AM.  So, I got up, made coffee and worked on Project Life Week 43 (2017).  Check it out.

Just looking at the bird's eye view for a moment, note the mix of photo sizes and the use of black & white photos.  

I take a lot of portrait photos, but this is my go-to style for pocket pages.  While there are some 4 x 6 portrait pocket page configurations, I like to use vertical 3 x 4 cards.  And I really do like using this style pocket page - did I mention that already?  I do try to sprinkle in a different pocket page configuration here and there.  The variety of styles & sizes adds interest to the book and to the individual layouts.  Here I mix 4 x 6, 4 x 4 and 3 x 4 photos.

Black & white photos can be striking!  So, not only are there a mix of photo sizes, there are four black & white photos clustered in a group, surrounded by color!  Why, with all the color, would you use a black & white photo in a project life spread?  Cohesiveness.  Less busy - the crafty "mess" appears much less busy in black & white; I chose to surround that photo with the golden yellow, the same color of the ceramic cat's ball of yarn!  Less than perfect photo - while the color thermostat photo would be OK, it looked much better in black & white, especially with the shadow to the left.  Tell a story - two of these photos were used for a 7 day black & white Facebook photo challenge, with no captions; a good photo, by itself, can tell or spark a story.

Achieving cohesiveness in a multi-photo layout is sometimes a challenge.  Note the repeating elements - stamping with the same stamp set, typing, hearts, washi tape, date stamp.  Sounds like a lot, but in the overall scheme of available options in my craft studio, it's really not.  LOL.  Pick and then repeat.   

Here, I decided to stamp right on the photo, using Memento Tuxedo Black.  And it worked well.  

So, this year's PL album is coming together with the Jade Edition and that roll of washi tape that is almost gone!  It has been sprinkled through out my 2017 book.  

Some supply notes:  All journaling cards are from Becky Higgins Jade Edition.  Stamp set is PTI Wet Paint II.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day.

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