Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scramp Station

My stamping & scrapping space is in need of reorganization because there's a reason I'm not SMASHing.  Plus, I'm also doing Project Life this year. 

For SMASHing and PLing, I need supplies right at hand.  With birthday gift card from the DH and Christmas gift card from Mom...and I have $$ left...I purchased two desk caddies at Michael's.  Rearranged some things and I now have a work space that looks like this:

Loving all the workspace!
See the big space to work in?  Love it!

Here's a different angle:

Scramp Station from another angle.
 What I used to have:

Prior arrangement.

I moved my carousel from the right to the left.  I'm right handed, but it frees up more useable space this way.  I moved the photo printer to a different location.  The larger printer shown in the first picture, on the far right, is still in the same location.

Let's step back a little bit and see the rest of this section of the scramp station.

Hope you enjoyed the peek at my scramp station!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day!


  1. Yes, I did enjoy a peek...thanks for sharing another little piece of your life!

    Happy Stamping...

  2. Awesome space!! I love those organizers you bought!

  3. Looks SO fun. I need to work on making my corner more scrap friendly. I have SO many pages I want to do!

  4. Wow!!!! So tell me, do you love your new caddies from Michaels? Especially the round one???? I can't tell you how many times I have gone in there with my 40% off coupon and almost bought a storage unit...especially the round one...even had it in my cart but then I backed out of the purchase.

  5. wow, looks nice. will take a look at those stations they would work better, i think than the little stair step things i have, they are spice racks but they work for now.