Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Project Life Ideas

I'm seriously thinking about jumping on the Project Life bandwagon...SMASHbook style.  I already keep an agenda type calendar - I can write down what we do & where we need to go...all in one place.  SMASHbook style means any size goes when keeping memorabilia!  It also means I can be free with my style.  Textures, interaction....freedom!  

So...what supplies do I need?

  • Modified SMASHbook...an artsy book from Mike's or I may just use the one I have...I haven't done too much SMASHing in my current book.  OR an old style scrapbook.  Remember those with the rough gray pages?  One of those!  
  • Date stamp - definitely purchase
  • Journaling blocks & tags - I can make these!  I already have some made, too.  
  • Dig out my old typewriter - a great idea from Michelle Wooderson!  Now I know what I can do with my typewriter.  LOL.
  • Print my pictures at home - I already have the stuff!  Go for it!   Quicker & no waiting period.
  • Use my stash & anything that suits my fancy!
This is just a start.  What suggestions would you have for this project?

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day!  


  1. OOO, I would love to have you join me on this fun journey! It's been well worth the labor of love this year. I'm hoping it will be a fun New Year's Eve tradition to sit down and review our year. I have two albums FULL...could almost use a 3rd one. Going the SMASH route sounds small to me, but then, I've documented just about everything in ours and have stowed away a lot of extra goodies in these albums.

    Printing photos at home? Lots of ink? I have a Walmart close so it's a once-a-week trip to get those and I'm always needing to go anyway.

    I was wanting an old typewriter until I realized I could get that fun font online. Viola!

    Journal cards and such can definitely be made yourself. Date stamp...did you get one with your SMASH stuff? That's a fun one to use!

    Have you seen the digital journal cards though over at JesseicaSprague? I'm doing those this next year.

    Happy day!

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  3. Sounds like fun!!! When I have some extra time I want to see more SMASHing!!! I don't quite understand what that is yet...sounds like a trip to youtube for me!!! Enjoy your HOLIDAY!!!!!!