Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Havin' a bad day?  I'm still playing around with the CAS - Clean And Simple - July 4 holiday challenges over on SCS.  They continue on until July 8th.  This particular challenge was to make a monochromatic card - there were three choices - I chose the white and two or more shades of blue.

This is a Rubbernecker stamp; I colored the sentiment with four different shades of SU! blue markers.  Huffed on it and stamped!

Here is the original inside:

Hmmmm...sure it cute.  And mollymoo colored, too! 

So pretty & colorful!
But there's something about floating washing machines...

Floating washing machine?
So...I decided to wallpaper & put in a new floor.  :-D  Apparently the hard way.  But, at the monent, I was so proud of myself.

Then it dawned on me!  Well, DUH! Melissa.  I put in the washing machine; then decided to wallpaper & floor around it!  Sheesh.  I won't be able to moo've my washing machine...I'll have this "hole" where the machine was!  LOL.  Wait, this is a card. 

But, there IS an easier way...plan...put your DSP in...stamp your image on another piece of CS and then cut it out.  But I didn't plan.  How do I know that?  Well, for one...put in the washing machine then wallpapered & floored around it.  Secondly, look at the mess.  OMGoodness! 

Mess to the right.

Mess to the left.
eeeeek!  I think it was worth it, tho.  What do you think?

All wallpapered & floored.

Aren't these colors just so rich & pretty.
Sometimes the best things come on the fly!  So, make a mess.  Just clean it up when you get done!

I think I'm giving this to my boss...she's had a few days like this.  She can even name the long as it's not Melissa.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day!


  1. I absolutely love it! Thanks for making me smile...I needed that.

  2. love this. the sentiment looks great and love the colors!

  3. I love this card! And your flooring and wallpapering job is awesome! I need some done in my house....are you available? LOL