Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Wishes, CAS Style

Yesterday in the SCS Challenge Forum, the CAS gals had a whole day of challenges!  Whoo hoo!  CAS is Clean And Simple.  It also means Quick And Easy.  LOL.

Check this out:

The design was inspired by the Alsaka State Flag.
The challenge was to be inspired by flags...flags of any country or any state in the USA.  The Alaska flag has has the big dipper and the North Star in yellow on a navy background.  It's so striking and uncomplicated.  Back to my card, the front has a whimsical feel...the inside:

Inside the card.
...there's a newspaper / information feel.   What do you think of the combination? 

I hope to share some more CAS cards in the next few days.  I've had lots of fun experimenting.  You can always pop into my SCS gallery.  But just for you, I'll have extras & specials...more pictures & descriptions! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day!

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  1. I hopped on last night and must admit I was totally overwhelmed to see all those challenges LOL! I was just looking for one!! OH well...this week is busy and last night I was whipped from the race and activities of the rest of the day. Today I'm trying to get my cooking done, but feels like I'm moving at a turtle's pace!! Love your card though. CAS is fun to work on!