Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eyelets, Brads & Onesies

Remember when I went nuts with the PTI Onsie Die?

PTI Onsie Die Cut Outs
I'm making progress...all the onsies now have "snaps".  I was going to use brushed silver brads; but as I got started, I found I liked the colored and white better.  Each onsie has a sticky note that tells the DSP name and the coordinating colors.  I wanted to use "basic" brads.

Marked & punched holes for the brads.
I used eyelets on a few onsies.

Eyelet onsie "snaps"
 Most of them were decorated wtih brads.

Brad onsie "snaps"

Quite a few years ago, I particpated in a brad & eyelet share.  I received all the current SU! colors in brads & eyelets, including that year's "in-colors".  I remember it was the first year SU! had "in-colors".  The brad & eyelet share arrived in bags and unlabeled.  OMGosh!  What a pain.  I had to match up and label the brads & eyelets with the corresponding SU! color.  I stored them in these:

Brad & eyelet storage for SU! basic brads

Brad & eyelet storage - bird's eye view

Remember, these are just the "standard" brads & eyelets, in solid SU! colors.  I used a sharpie marker to label each compartment and each box.  I store these in a labeled photo box.

Black photo box for storage of brad & eyelet cases

Brad & eyelet cases, in alpha order by the OLD SU! color families

I did not change the color families when SU! did the color renovation. First, because I won't have all the colors; second, I can recite the old color families in my sleep; third, too many retired. Oh's just easier! LOL. I do have my stamp pads and card stock by the new color families.

Brad & eyelet cases, in alpha order by the OLD SU! color families

Hope you enjoyed viewing the progress on the Onsie project AND the peek into my stamp room at one of my storage solutions. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have  moo'valous day!


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