Thursday, May 21, 2009

JLO presents....

Brentwood – The owl that time forgot
This month Brentwood has gone prehistoric.

When they were in 1st grade Brentwood and his friends took a trip to the museum to check out the Cro-Magnon Owl exhibit. They were showcasing some specimens dated approximately 40,000 to 10,000 years ago. Brentwood learned a lot about the dinosaurs that walked the earth. He wished that he and his friends could have been around during those times to make friends with those large creatures.

Join us tonight in the JLO chatroom at 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern for chat and prizes. Jessica will be giving away stamp sets and gift certificates to the JLO store.

Tonight, you will also meet Biker digital and clear stamp form!

I saw Brentwood on a motorcycle...and knew I had the perfect pics to scrap!

A friend took DS on a Harley Ride for his 14th birthday! This is a progressive page. Stop by tomorrow for step by step directions on creating a progressive page. This is an easy, creative and very fun way to create distinctive layouts!

But first, tonight, stop by the chatroom to say HI to mollymoo951 - that's me! Come meet Jessica Lynn and the Design Team. Hope to see you tonight! No password required, just enter your user name & click connect!


  1. Ya, this image is perfect for those pages. Great design. I love it!

  2. Great layout!! So fun! I thought of trying to find my "biking days" photos and do a layout but that seemed like to much work...LOL!