Friday, November 7, 2014

MSM's Garfield's Bright Idea

Halloween 2014.  Garfield decides to play a trick.  At first I thought it was Dale playing a trick.  It all started when he announced that Garfield caught a mouse.  

I looked at my husband in disbelief.  This is Garfield we're taking about.  Garfield, whose hunting skills would put him in the "starve to death" category if there were to be no Purina Cat Chow being served.  

Yeah, right, I said.  He probably picked up something Princess or Freddy left. 

Oh no, Dale said.  It's alive.  

Garfield caught a mouse.

That's what I said hon.

Later, Dale goes outside and Garfield runs inside.  With the mouse in his mouth!  He drops it and it hops along the wall of the shop!  

OMG!  AAAAHHHHHHH!  I have on rubber rain boots, shorts and no socks.  Those suckers jump! AUGH!  Garfield and Lincoln are hiding under the table, peeking out, because I am screaming.  

Later, as I stop by the shop to get my hug & kiss before I head off to work, Dale is so proud.  He moved the extra flooring and out hops the mouse.  Garfield caught it.  Dale proceeds to show me some gnawed up carcass in the cat yard.  Um, Dale, that's not the mouse.  Where's the mouse?

Yes it is; that's the mouse.  Garfield caught the mouse.

It's awfully small.

Garfield's been chewing on it.

Okey-dokey.  You want a picture of that hon?

Garfield.  What a cat.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day!

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  1. You told it so well!!! Great chuckle for my morning.