Friday, June 20, 2014

PL Week 22 - Stitching Fun!

Project Life - Week 22:  I felt like stitching!  I used some bright and cheerful paper someone RAK'd me many moons ago.  I cut some 3x4 cards, dug out my stitching templates, DMC floss and got comfy!  It was so relaxing.  Here's a pile on my desk!

 How stinking cute is that fox / cat?

The butterflies were OY! pains to stitch and the arrows so soothing.  Next to the fox / cat, I love love love the flower.  (I know, right?  Mollymoo loves a WHAT?!?!  How many times you seen me paper craft with a **coughcough** flower?)  

Now for the week.  

I was in the drive thru line @ KFC, bored, so I read the bottom of my OPI nail polish bottle. STRAWBERRY MARGARITA.  huh?  Really?  Nah.  I looked again.  dang.  STRAWBERRY MARGARITA.  I immediately texted my manicurist / stylist...I have my FAVORITE drink on my fingernails!  She said I was crazy.  Hmmm...I bet she wondered how long it would take me to realize I had a bottle of STRAWBERRY MARGARITA.  No wonder she looked at me funny every time she told me the name.  I was so not paying attention.  Geez.  LOL.  Anyway,  that day, I also noticed it matches my new summer purse!  Notice also, that I had dripped on my Kindle...hmmm...

What a bright & cheerful weekly spread it turned out to be!  Lovely!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a moo'valous day!

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  1. Fun colors! you STITCHED.???????? They are cute!