Thursday, February 28, 2013

....and the star of the show...

FOOD!  What else?  food. 

I fixed that "E".  ;-)  No time to retake the photo after I got it all edited.  No way.  Just imagine the "E" is chocolate.  ;-)  Cuz, it is now.  LOL.
Lots of things going on here.  Is it cohesive?  hmmm...Bright Ideas #6 - Ad Inspiration...using Front Row scrapbook kit, Popcorn add-on and Junior Mints add-on.  That aqua printed from Snippets!  and if you can find it...the lemon twist divine twine!
Definitely lots of product...and piles of enamel dots.  I love enamel dots.  I have an enamel dot is-shoe.  I love them. 
Lots & lots of layers...and I love the picture of the Halloween Bash buffet!  That's not glare on the pic of the girl in the blue...that's string that was hanging & I took the picture "through". 
This month, the stampin' Flybabies focused on crafty projects with a FOOD theme.  I think this fits the bill.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a moo'valous day!


  1. Too cute!!!! I love all the fun embellishments!!!! The bright colors are so eye catching! Terrific layout!

  2. Wow! What a great page.,,I love yellow! You are having so much fun with your kits. The placement of all your dots really frames yours page. Yep I found the bakers twine . You are right this page is the star of the show! Too,fun!

  3. So much fun with all those embellishments!!!

  4. I noticed the "E" but thought it was a purposeful photography I also thought the blurry blue was...very creative!

    Those enamel dots are worth having an is-shoe...that would be rhinestones in my stamp room!

  5. Wonderful layout...that's happened to me too many times. I go to put a layout away and see its suddenly missing a letter or other sticker and sure enough I check my blog picture and it is missing there too, lol