Monday, July 18, 2011

Paper & Pockets - Part 2

This is the pocket part.  In yesterday's post, Paper & Pockets, I shared my faux spiral notebook paper.  I needed that pocket die so I could slip in the paper.  I need another hole in my head, too.

I discovered that library pockets are not hard to make at all.  A simple library pocket is all I needed.

My finished NON-die cut library / journaling pocket.
 How'd I get there?

Let's start with my choice of materials.  Last week, I got two boxes of letter sized manila file folders at Office Depot...FREE after Rewards.  YAY! for free craft stuff!

Free after rewards!
Guess I best start cutting these up!

Library pocket dimensions, cutting & scoring guidelines.
 Simple cutting, scoring, snipping and taping.

So...put 'em together and whaddaya got?

Bibbity bobbity

Bibbity bobbity

Bibbity bobbity


Goodness!  I love 'em! 
Not boo...I do like Cinderella...who says shoes can't change ya life!?  Anyhoo...yay, for shoes changing your life...and for NON die cut library pockets!  I can decorate them and journal...looking forward to using these in my SMASH book and to using the same idea to create journaling cards / pockets for my son's baby book! 

So, in two days, I've effectively talked myself out of THREE PTI purchases:  (1) the spiral notebook paper die, (2) the library pocket die, (3) and the stamp set that stamps the lines on the paper. 


Whacha think?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a moo'valous day!

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  1. Impressed! You continue to impress if only I scrapbooked...