Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Morning on the Farm

...with my cattle.

I love walking through the pasture on a Sunday morning in the Spring. Sunday morning...because it's tax season and that's the only mornings I don't have to go to work. In the Spring...because of the new baby calves.

My girl Big Betsy has a cute little bull this year. That's Big Betsy in the upper left hand side. She's giving her boy Bobby Ear a good lickin'. :-D! Not in front of my friends!

Below that, on the lower left hand side, is little Bobby Ear. Why Bobby Ear? See that ear sticking out? It's much less "bobby" than it was when he was born. He looks like his daddy. :( All frowny. LOL. In the next pic over, Libby has an itch. And the last pic is the view from the top of the hill. All the girls are grazing.

Supplies: Making Memories Flower Patch DP and accessories (Spring 09 Stampin' FlyBabies Spring Craft Kit.)

What a beautiful morning that was! The big pictures is a view looking up the hill to the only tree on our farm! A tulip poplar. Below that is Brownie. She had twins. The first set of twins DH had ever had in 50 years of living on a farm. It was a first for me. Not sure if Dad had twins, but it was a first set of twins for me. They died in childbirth. :( It was so sad. Brownie had them on the hill and she could not get up, so we rolled her over. Hahaha. Yep...we rolled her over. Grabbed DH grabbed her by the hind ankles and DS grabbed her by the fore ankles and rolled her over. She took a few minutes to get her bearings and she stood up. It took her a while to get going, but I'm sure it would me too if I had just had twins. I love Brownie. She's a good cow.

There's Thomas, the little Hereford. He came from Dad's farm last spring. His Mommy died in childbirth. Dad just don't have patience to do the bottle fed calves thing, so brought him over to me. Thomas is a good boy.

Supplies: Making Memories Flower Patch and accessories (all from Stampin Flybabies Spring 09 Craft Kit). Also, SU! Bashful Blue. The butterflies are die cut and embossed! They are really neat.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to M & B Acres on Sunday morning. Stop by again.

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