Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brayered Sky Tips

Here are some things I like to remember when doing the brayered sky background. Rather than having a note floating around somehwere, I thought, why not post it on my blog. Now, I didn't come up with all of these ideas by myself. Some I read on SplitcoastStampers, others I discovered while working on my projects. I'm just compiling information for reference.

These are thing I have found work for me and things I'd like to remember to try.

Things that work for me:
  • Roll brayer on scrap paper first to lighten the color.
  • Use a torn paper mask for each layer - keeps from getting the straight line; it's hard to blend out that straight line.
  • Use a sponge to blend colors - using the darker color of the layer above, sponge that color onto the lighter color to blend the "line". Repeat with the next color and layer. I use the yellow sponge from SU!, cut into quarters.
  • Let the project "set". It WILL look better in the morning.

Things to try:

  • Use glossy paper.
  • Use cosmetic sponge. This is a denser sponge than the yellow SU! sponge.
  • Use spectrum / rainbow ink pads. I have two on order...if they would just get here!

Some color combos to try:

  • Soft Sky, Blue Bayou, Not Quite Navy (tried this - love it)
  • Barely Banana, Groovy Guava, Ruby Red

I'd really love some more color combos to try!

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